Dolling it up with Jane


Jane Says Redrum!Since we received two e-mails from Alert Janeites last week, though this is not a new item, we thought we should repost for the benefit of some of the newer AustenBlog visitors.

Alert Janeites Baja Janeite and Lynne both sent us links to the Jane Austen Little Thinkers doll, to which they both reacted with the general attitude of What the Ferrars? We own this doll (being a huge Jane nerd) and think it’s so ugly it’s cute. She sits on our bed and looks quite pretty there. And if you look at the rest of the Little Thinkers dolls, they look pretty much the same, so it’s not a cut on Jane. (We also have the finger puppet, which we use to terrify our co-workers. JANE SAYS REDRUM!)

Baja Janeite also sent us a link to the lovely paper doll of Jane Austen at Legacy Pride Paper Dolls, which we also own (did we mention we’re a big Jane nerd?) The artist has created paper dolls for all of Jane Austen’s heroes and heroines–do check them out, they are gorgeous.

ETA: And of course we can’t forget the fabulous Jane Austen Action Figure!

Baja Janeite also found an article about a young lady who makes Barbie dolls into characters from literature, including Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. We think that must be Lizzy right there in the front of the photo in the pretty blue spencer. And wheee, Horatio Hornblower! We see him there with his sword drawn. Her dolls are on display at the Sumner Library in Sumner, Washington, through the end of March.