Sense and Sensibilidad casting and filming news


Well! Just when one thinks she can take a breath and get back to reading old biographies of Jane Austen, here comes another film. Alert Janeite Cinthia (one of the managers of JACastellano, the Spanish-language Jane Austen discussion list) sent us an article from the Mexican newspaper Reforma that states Diana Garcia has been cast as Mary (Marianne) and Daniella Alonso as Nora (Elinor) for the upcoming film Sense and Sensibilidad. Cinthia is working on translating the entire article for us. The article also states filming begins in August.

For those unfamiliar with this project, it is a modern-set English language version of Sense and Sensibility, set in the Latino community of Los Angeles.

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Diana takes English pronounciation classes

García will be in a remake of Ang Lee’s film

She will play the role that Kate Winslet did in the Sense and Sensibility
motion picture.

By Minerva Hernandez and Hector Otero

Only two years ago, Diana Garcia debuted as an actress in the film Drama/Mex, but now she will face what she considers a big challenge: become the main star in an American production.

The Mexican actress will be part of the Sense and Sensibility remake that the Venezuelan director Fina Torres will shoot of the 1995 film made by Ang Lee.

“This is my first really international production. My agents have just told me that I am conffirmed in it. I am one of the protagonists, and I am very happy”, says the actress.

Based on the novel of the same name, written by Jane Austen, the film tells the story of Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret Dashwood, three orphans whose half-brother, John, forces them to lead an austere life in the country, where Elinor falls in love with Edward.

Although the role that Garcia will be the one that Kate Winslet played then, and which earned her an Academy nomination, the Mexican said that she will make her own version of the character.

Most of all, it will help her that the film will have modifications.

“It [the story] will be updated; it was a period film set in England, and this one will be centered on how the Latinos live in USA, in L.A.”, pointed out the actress.

“I have a big acting challenge this time, because my character is mainly American, and I am working hard with my [English] pronounciation classes. I will have to go for a while to USA to see the attitudes. But I am very happy.”

Torres’ film, who directed Penelope Cruz in Women on Top, is in pre-production, and it is to be hoped that filming begins in August.

“Until now, there is no confirmed cast, except Daniella Alonso, whom I met in the trials for The Fast and the Furious 4, in L.A.; we were chatting in the waiting lounge, when it turned out that we are going to be sisters in this film”, said the actress.