We're taking the Fifth


Several Alert Janeites sent us the news that Andrew Davies, “adapter” of several Jane Austen novels for the small screen, was the victim of Dog Rage.

Mr Davies told how he had tried to defend his timid rescue dog Daisy – an adult mongrel who looks like an alsatian puppy – from the snarling bull terriers.

“I drove one of them off,” he said. “I shouted, ‘Go on! Get out of it!’ and sort of aimed a kick at it, which was never really meant to connect, and didn’t.

“The dog got the message and went off. But his owner shouted, ‘Don’t you ******* touch my dog!’ and ran up and headbutted me and punched me in the eye.

“It knocked me clean off my feet. He was a big guy and I am quite little.”

There is no truth to the rumor that said thug shouted “JUSTICE FOR JANE AUSTEN!” as he took down Mr. Davies. No truth at all, because we’re starting the rumor right here. 😉

Since Mr. Davies seems to be recovering well, we wish to sincerely commend him on his defense of his doggie! She looks like a sweetie. Thanks to Alert Janeites Lisa, Patty, Laurel Ann, and Maria L.