Bedlam Awaits


Raise pikes and prepare to be boarded, Gentle Readers…it’s coming!

Lost In Austen is billed as an “ingenious reinvention” of the much-loved novel and owes more than a little inspiration to BBC hit Life On Mars.

We’ll be all astonishment if this turns out to be half as good as Life on Mars. The American version of Life on Mars didn’t even turn out to be half as good as Life on Mars, what makes anyone think that Mary Sue in a Regency gown will do it?

While Elizabeth discovers the joys of the internet and macrobiotic diets

That might actually be kind of amusing.

The writers have taken great liberties with the plot – Jane Bennet marries the clergyman Mr Collins, Lydia Bennet runs off with Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy falls in love with Amanda.

What did we say? Mary Sue.

Scenes sure to raise eyebrows among Austen purists include Amanda showing the Bennet sisters her newly waxed bikini line and taking Mr Bingley outside for a “snog”.

Ya think?

“People may hate it. Belle-lettrists may orchestrate public disembowelments of all concerned.”

Nah, we’ll just mock you till you cry like a little girl. Or maybe use you for Cluebatting practice.