More on Lost in Austen


“The Life of Wylie” has an entry on Lost in Austen that gives us–yes! the tar-hearted spinster purist of AustenBlog!–the faintest stirrings of hope.

Before you mention it, the cast claim comparisons with Life On Mars are wide of the mark.

Oh fine, blame the marketers. 😉

I saw episode one of the new four-part ITV1 drama yesterday.

It includes a scene where Amanda, played by Jemima Rooper, sings Petula Clark’s Downtown to Mr Darcy and co.

“It was bizarre – a very odd thing to do,” Jemima told us.

It sounds like it just might be…actual character development. Maybe Amanda’s not as much of a Mary Sue as we feared. Or maybe we’re just a hopeless sucker. But we cannot help thinking that it can’t but be significant–and infuriating–that ITV is giving this four hours and only gave MP, NA and Persuasion 90 minutes EACH.

Thanks to Alert Janeite Patty for the link!

An article in the Daily Mail on general ITV retrenching mentions,

One said: ‘There is no question that content is still key to turning around ITV’s fortunes. But we will have to think carefully about where the money is being spent.

‘Drama is a hugely expensive area – usually costing in excess of £500,000 an hour to make.

‘We will have to look at the plans for big scale productions such as period dramas carefully.’

The broadcaster had some success with its Jane Austen season last year, but has shelved plans to follow it up with another season of classics.

Incidentally, Amazon UK is listing street date for the Region 2 DVD of Lost in Austen as September 29 (Michaelmas!).