Next Steps


We’ve decided that Books Are Nice Week is now pretty much going to be Books Are Nice Fortnight. 😉 (“You say that like it’s a bad thing, Editrix!”) We just felt that one book per day was a little rushed, so we’ll start up again on Sunday featuring Emma. In the meantime, we’ll reintroduce a subject near to the heart of many Janeites: what to read when you’ve read all of Jane Austen?

A while back we dedicated a Friday Bookblogging post to the subject. Let us know what books you would recommend to a fellow Janeite who wish that Jane Austen wrote as many books as Anthony Trollope or Charles Dickens! The Gentle Reader who sent in the question in the post linked wasn’t especially interested in paraliterature–the follow-ons, continuations, retellings, etc. inspired by Jane Austen’s novels–but go ahead and recommend those types of books if you like, as well as books by authors of Jane Austen’s time period, those who came a little later but perhaps owe a debt to her novels, and modern authors whose subject matter or writing style appeal to those who love Jane Austen’s work.