In which the Editrix posts with a strained smile

Standard has an article about the fellow bringing us the latest incarnation of The Great and All-Encompassing Darcy.

When asked about his role in relation to previous Darcy’s, Elliot said “I’m sort of contributing to a long line of heritage and I suppose for certain scenes, like the shot in the lake, it was worth seeing Colin Firth’s performance.

“But it’s not my job to worry about what he did 15 years ago. I just treat it like I treat every role.”

There is, we are informed by some of our Gentle Readers in the know, a lake scene in Lost in Austen.

But Jane Austen herself would not be proud of Elliot’s literary admission.

When asked which era he would most like to go back to if he could, he replied: “Probably the 70’s. Maybe some sort of porno book. I’d get a chest wig or something. I don’t read books ever so who knows?”

Forehead, meet desk.