Tuesday Open Thread: Olympics Edition


Normally we use the Tuesday Open Thread to list Austen-related articles that don’t quite make the cut for full posts. This week, we got nothin’. The Editrix has been a tiny bit (just a tiny bit) obsessed with Michael Phelps’ run for eight gold medals over the last week or so, and despite Mr. Phelps’ smooth, glowing skin… (sorry, had to take a moment there) we think Jane Austen would have appreciated the Olympics of swimmer Dara Torres much more. At the age of 41, two years after giving birth, she has not only made the U.S. Olympic swimming team (for the fifth time) but won three silver medals. Another great story is that of gymnast Oksana Chusovitina, who at age 32 won silver on the vault. A native of Uzbekistan, when her little boy fell ill with leukemia, she was unable to get good treatment for him in Moscow. She asked her gymnastics friends for help, and was able to get treatment for him in Germany, and now she is competing on the German Olympics team, and winning, over girls half her age (and less, we suspect, in some cases). We think Jane Austen would have appreciated these great stories of women’s success.

Oh, and a recent victim of the AustenBlog spork has launched a spirited defense. Drop over and let him know what you think. Or just hang out here and let us know what’s going on in your patch of Janeiteville.