Tuesday Open Thread: No, She Doesn't Edition


Time for another Tuesday Open Thread, where we share interesting links and talk about everything to do with Jane Austen.

MyVerbocity posts a funny story from college, in which a friend is irritated by constant reminders of the genius of Jane Austen. Silly boy!

Etsy artisan Pattie Tierney has a cute little pin that you can buy to show your love for Jane Austen. (Via InkyGirl)

If you’ve ever wondered just what the heck those minor characters in Georgette Heyer novels were going on about with their incomprehensible thieves’ cant, here’s a dictionary of thieves’ cant from 1736 and a dictionary of the vulgar tongue from 1811. There are some other interesting books from Jane Austen’s time period as well (Click “Online Reference Books”). (Via BoingBoing)

ETA: A late addition of something we stumbled across…“Pemberly” bedding! *snicker*

What’s new in your patch of Janeiteland?