Lost in Austen News Roundup: Wormhole Edition


No, that’s not a smutty reference in next week’s episode of Lost in Austen (at least we don’t think it is). For all those who have rhapsodized over the door in the bathroom, the Twisted Physics blog at discovery.com explains that the doors probably separate a wormhole.

Commenters here have given mixed reviews, tending more to the positive side. Viewership-wise, the show came in second to BBC One for the time period.

The first quarter-hour of ‘Lost in Austen’ drew 4.2m viewers, while 5.7m tuned in to BBC One’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ with Esther Rantzen.

But after that ITV1’s audience dropped down to 3.6m and BBC One’s climbed to 6.5m, as some viewers decided this Austen wasn’t their cup of tea.

The result was that BBC One earned 6.2m and a 27% share across the 9pm-10pm slot to ITV1’s 3.8m and 16.6% share.

The Stage thinks all those who turned it off are nuts.

Stephen Brook at the Guardian’s Organgrinder blog does a review roundup so we don’t have to. Cheers, mate! Do NOT miss the comments section; the snark, she is tender and delicious.

We found a couple more reviews, in the Metro and the Herald.