Sense and Sensibilidad to start filming in January


Alert Janeite Cinthia sent us a link to an interview with Fina Torres, the director of Sense and Sensibilidad, a modern-set film adaptation of S&S set in the chicano community of Los Angeles. Ms. Torres said the film might start filming by January 2009. The article is in Spanish, but Cinthia sent us a translation.

Title: “Sense and Sensibility chicana”

Subtitle: “This is a free adaptation of the novel to contemporary chicano L.A. world.”

Abstract: “The Mexican Adriana Barraza heads the cast of the new film that the Venezuelan Fina Torres (Oriana, Women on Top) will next shoot. Thus she [Torres] informed through e-mail from USA where she is setting up details to start shooting a version of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.

Though there will be a Venezuelan actor, the filmaker did not reveal his name.”


“- When will you start shooting?

– Aproximately by January, 2009. Though dates are always tentative.

– When it will take place?

– In México and L.A.

– Who are part of the cast?

– Adriana Barraza, a Venezuelan actor, two Mexicans and the rest among Americans and chicanos.

– Who wrote the adapted script?

– I did, with Luis Alfaro, an excellent chicano playwright. It was an interesting process.

– What differences it wil have with the Hollywood version (Ang Lee, 1995)?

Several. It is a free adaptation of the novel to contemporary chicano LA world. The characters are chicanos, Mexicans, Latinos and an American couple.

– Regarding Hollywood, this will be your second production there, what does it means for you this new opportunity?

– Every film is a new opportunity, wherever it takes place. I love shooting in different countries. This will be a chance to do so in Mexico and East L.A., which is like a bit of Mexico in USA.

– What do you intend to do and improve in this production in relation to Women on Top (2000)?

They are different productions. This is an independent film, there is no big studio behind it. Women on Top was a commission where served as director to a production studio with a screenwript chosen by them. It was a very interesting experience, but I do not consider it a personal work. This [S&S L.A.] is cinema d’autor, but of course with the limitations of the American industry, where producers have a lot of control.”

Then she only answers briefly about the release of her latest film (Te en La Habana) and opinions of cinema in Venezuela.

Cinthia also speculates that the American couple might be John and Fanny Dashwood.