Taking the Abbey on the road


The Dorset Corset Theatre Company has kicked off their autumn tour, taking a production of Northanger Abbey on the road throughout the southwest UK, and the Express & Echo has an article about the production.

Ed is one of two directors of Northanger Abbey, and plays both General Tilney and John Thorpe. He said the show would appeal to the whole family.

“After our last Austen adaptation we had a letter from a family where the youngest was eight and the oldest was 75, and they all enjoyed it,” said Ed.

“We loved classic adaptations but felt they had been a bit too long-winded in the past. We like shows to be an exciting two hours so they don’t feel like a marathon.

“We try to stay close to the novel but it’s a piece of theatre so sometimes you have to be a bit irreverent. It’s in original dress and features Austen’s language.”

As always, if you get to go to any of the shows, send us a report!