Tuesday Open Thread: Creative Edition


Time for another Tuesday Open Thread, in which we post items that don’t quite make the cut for a full post, but we think still are of interest to Jane Austen fans. This week, we’re thrilled by the creativity of Jane Austen fans.

Alert Janeite Lisa sent us a link to audreyeclectic’s Flickr page, which features her recent portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Brandon and Mr. and Mrs. Darcy.

Alert Janeite Laurel Ann of Austenprose sent us a link to some adorable critters with, er, interesting names.

Alert Janeite Tracylea spotted something interesting at McSweeney’s…Jane Austen Writes Advertising.

Feel free to pimp your own Jane Austen-related projects, websites, or links of interest in the comments. If they’re of interest, we may promote them to a full post.