Austen Audio


We have three new Austen audio links for your listening enjoyment.

The CBC’s Words at Large podcast has reprised an interview from 1996 on “the Jane Austen renaissance.” It could have been recorded today (except they are talking of the 1995 film adaptations of P&P, Persuasion, and S&S). The participants are Fay Weldon, Marilyn Butler, and Claire Tomalin. Thanks to Alert Janeites Lisa and Joan for the link.

Alert Janeite Sarah sent us a hilarious skit from the CBC’s Mostly Water Theatre, the Jane Austen Drinking Game (that last link is a direct mp3 download). (And yes, it did cheer us up–thanks.)

We blogged last week about a radio play on BBC Radio Four, “Unseen Austen.” It’s available for listening on the BBC website but only if you have Real Player. (Grr. Argh.) So we can’t say if it’s any good. Thanks to Alert Janeite Laurel Ann for the link.