Tuesday Open Thread: Ignorance is Bliss Edition


Welcome to another Tuesday Open Thread. We use these posts to introduce links that weren’t quite right for a full blog post but we thought were still of interest to our readers, and also allow our readers to direct the conversation if they like.

Richard Wilson names the Top Ten Books Not to Read Before You Die. Guess what is Number 1. We think he’s just having a larf. Nobody could be that ignorant. Could they? Thanks to Alert Janeite Helen for the link.

Sharon Griffiths wonders why anyone would want to get Lost in Austen anyway, because things kind of sucked in the Good Old Days. (Hmm. They seem to have pulled the article. Huzzah for Google Cache. Read it while you can, for it will not always be there, either.)

Feel free to pimp your own projects and links in comments, or just tell us what’s going on in your patch of Janeiteville.