Independent film inspired by works of Jane Austen


A brother and sister from Oregon are currently filming an original feature-length film inspired by the work of Jane Austen.

Kaitlin rewrote the original script and handled hair, makeup and costuming duties. It was a natural project for the Austen fanatic.

“She’s seen every Jane Austen movie, read every Jane Austen book,” said friend Jodi Hamre, who plays the title character. “I thought Jane Austen consisted of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ before I met Kaitlin.”

On a budget of about $300, the friends held auditions, rounded up a group of extras that eventually included nearly 50 participants and sought out classic locations such as Historic Deepwood Estates and Mission Mill Museum. The crew even put together a ball scene with a complete English country dance.

Sounds like those kids are having a great time. We hope they get the film into some festivals or on DVD so we can see it!