First edition of Pride and Prejudice for auction on eBay


All of us who cringed at the carpetbagging reselling can’t-possibly-be-a-Janeite who STOLE! STOLE WE SAY! poor Anne Sharp’s copy of Emma and is reselling it for an outrageous, nay usurious sum–well, here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor, as they say. Alert Janeite Laurel Ann let us know that a first edition of Pride and Prejudice is up for auction on eBay, and the starting bid is nothing if not affordable. We doubt it will stay in three digits for long, though. However, if any serious collectors happen to read this blog, we would like to point out that in our admittedly limited experience (limited to sheer voyeurism, that is), we have noticed that this type of thing tends to go a lot cheaper at auction than at retail. Just saying.