Rumormongering: New Emma Series on BBC in 2009


Several Alert Janeites (thanks to Cinthia, Sylvia M., Maria L., and Patty) have written to us with the news that the admin of the C19 forum, citing dependable sources, claims that Sandy Welch, who wrote the screenplays for the BBC’s magnificent adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South as well as the most recent adaptation of Jane Eyre, has written a new four-part adaptation of Emma for the BBC, to be broadcast in 2009.

If anyone from the BBC is reading, and this is more than a rumor, why don’t you make it three for three for your Main Male Spooks Hottie to move on to a Jane Austen adaptation, while sending Dorothy and many of our Gentle Readers (and, yeah, okay, the Editrix, too) into a genteel, ladylike tizzy? The campaign begins here: Richard Armitage must play Mr. Knightley.

Yes, we know, his shooting schedule for Spooks conflicts, but you’re the BBC, dagnabit. You can do anything. 🙂

We cannot state strongly enough how popular a casting decision this would be in Janeiteland. We’re talking Colin Firth in the wet shirt levels of hysteria. Do it. Just trust us for once. DO IT.

Who’s with us, Gentle Readers?

(post edited to update incomplete information)