Stitch with Elinor Dashwood


Alert Janeite Anne found another artist who has designed a cross-stitch chart inspired by Jane Austen’s work. Valentine Stitchery offers Elinor’s Sampler:

Elinor Dashwood was the sensible sister of the two, though she was so full of secrets that she was always fighting to suppress them. She did a fine job of keeping a placid exterior but I think in the end her emotions would have found their way into her needlework. The sampler is full of motifs that refer to her plight.

It’s unclear if the “chart pack” includes materials or just the stitching chart and there is no retail price listed. This designer only sells wholesale to needlework shops, so check with your local shop to see if they can order it for you if you are interested. Let us know if you find a shop that carries it.

ETA: Anne let us know of two online shops that offer the chart (looks like it’s just the chart, and you purchase your own materials). ABC Stitch Therapy has it for $14 and 1-2-3 Stitch has it at a slight discount.