The Janeite Holiday Buying Guide


She knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake! Time is getting short, so for all of those out there still looking for the perfect last-minute holiday gift for the Janeites in your life (or looking to direct those wishing to purchase for you), we’ve rounded up a few links for lovely, original Jane Austen-inspired stuff that anyone would like to find under the Festivus pole, right after engaging in the Feats of Strength. (We indulge in the Airing of the Grievances pretty much all year here on AustenBlog.) Spouses of AustenBlog Gentle Readers, unless you want to wind up in the Doghouse, you might want to pay attention to the below. 😀

For Janeites with literary urges of their own, Raquel from the Portuguese Jane Austen blog has created some beautiful handmade journals inspired by Jane Austen’s heroines and made them available through Etsy. These aren’t merely recovered Moleskine journals, Gentle Readers, these are completely hand-sewn and hand-bound and covered with pretty fabric and adorned with little bonnets. Even Catherine Morland would have to keep a journal if presented with one of these!

JASNA’s regions have some really lovely and fun items for sale that we think any Janeite would love to receive.

We received a copy of the Wisconsin Region’s 2009 Jane Austen calendar and can attest to it as a lovely and useful item for the Jane Austen fan. The calendar features color illustrations by the Brock brothers, and nearly every day has an entry from Jane Austen’s life or novels. The calendar is $15 plus shipping (see the order page for S&H costs) and they will ship to the UK. Get your order in ASAP to get it in time for Christmas/Chanukah delivery.

Lori Smith also has put together a lovely calendar for Jane Austen fans. Featuring full-color photographs of places associated with Jane Austen’s life and filming locations for adaptations of her novels, the calendar contains dates from Jane Austen’s life as well as the dates for the 2009 JASNA AGM in Philadelphia. The calendar is $21.99; order by December 19 to ensure Christmas delivery.

For the quilting Janeite in your life, we spotted a shape collection/patchwork pattern to recreate the coverlet sewn by Jane Austen, her sister Cassandra, and her mother. The 508-page Jane Austen Patchwork contains photos, history, fabric notes, cutting layouts, stitching tips, worksheets, and templates; it’s a steal at $25–we think even non-crafty Janeites might like to read it just for the background.

For more goodies, check out the Jane Austen Today blog, which has been featuring a series on The Twelve Gifts of Christmas–including some of the items we’ve mentioned and plenty of others. They’re also having some giveaways.

We also were amused by an article in the Financial Times suggesting gifts for Anne Elliot:

For Anne Elliot, Jane Austen’s most intelligent heroine, I would put together a box intended to comfort and console. I would include The New Black: Mourning, Melancholia and Depression by Darian Leader (Hamish Hamilton), a book that offers a great deal of insight into the way we are defined by our relationship to our losses. I’d also include some Charbonnel et Walker pink Marc de Champagne truffles and my latest new face cream discovery, which is the surprisingly reasonable Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenating Cream (£35.19/50ml), as we’re told early on that Anne has lost some of her bloom. And I’d buy some of the charming and stylish grey cable-knit mittens on sale at Margaret Howell’s Wigmore Street shop, which would be practical and cosy should Captain Wentworth ever choose to reprise his naval career and take his new wife along.

No, no, no…Sir Walter recommends the constant use of Gowland’s Lotion in the winter months!

Feel free to link your own Austen items for sale in the comments of this thread.