We have our winners…


…and there’s one more bit of swag to give away, so stay tuned!

Congratulations to the winners!

Edmund Bertram’s Diary – Lynn S., who in answer to our question opined, “Edmund Bertram? C’mon! He’s at the top of Santa’s nice list. But I like this book because it’s makes him more appealing and less the Lord High Mayor of Wankerville!” (Very true!)

Notecards – Amy M., who sent the following birthday message to Jane Austen: “Happy Birthday, Jane Austen! You and your writing have aged so well! May there be many more happy days to come!” (Hear, hear!)

Inscribed copy of Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict – Chi, who confessed, “I would certainly be on Jane’s “naughty” list, but someone has to be the bad girl :D” (So true!)

Two Guys Read Jane Austen – Janice Y., who would like to discuss novels with Catherine Morland (which would be fascinating indeed!) and Katharine T., who said, “I was going to say Emma, but she never finishes books. So I’ll say Henry Crawford instead. It would be sure to be amusing, right?” (Oh, we’re sure of that!)

If you got an e-mail from the Editrix, you are a winner! (If you’re not sure–check your spam e-mail box!) Thanks to all for participating and for being such good sports about our silly contests. We like to make you earn your swag around here. We really got a kick out of some of the entries and it’s clear you had fun with them as well. AustenBlog readers are the best!