Monday Ebooks: Waterproof Edition


Alert Janeite Ms. Place sent us an amusing link about a discussion (hmm; snail mail or e-mail?) between Book and Ebook on their relative merits.

I was also hoping you could put in a good word for me with your fans. They’re getting annoying. Everywhere I go these days, there’s some book nut waving her stinky, crunchy, Grandma’s-attic copy of Pride and Prejudice in my face and howling that I’m killing book culture.

Not around here! 🙂

Book replies,

And I need hardly remind you that, unlike me, you have no place among the suds of a reader’s bathtub.

Ah, but we ebook readers are more resourceful than that. And there’s always the old reliable gallon-size ziploc baggie!

In other ebook news, there’s a new and perhaps unexpected platform for ebook readers that may succeed in at last capturing the short attention spans of Modern Young Persons: The Nintendo DS!

Nintendo, the Japanese video games company that brought us Donkey Kong and Mario the Plumber, is to announce a deal with the publisher HarperCollins today to make literary classics available to read on its DS portable games consoles.

The 100 Classic Book Collection ranges from Shakespeare and Dickens to Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters. It will cost about £20 and will be available initially only in Britain.

Another *possible* ebook platform might be coming along in a few months. Palm has announced the Pre (rhymes with tree), a really gorgeous smartphone featuring its new operating system, WebOS. We’re sure that, like the iPhone, ebook reader software will pop up for the Pre. The Editrix uses her Palm Treo (a/k/a Our Personal Assistant Enrico) to keep organized, or at least as organized as we ever are, and we are really looking forward to this new device and platform!