Pride and Prejudice has gone to the…cats


For all of you who hate LOLAustens because of the illiterate LOLcat-speak (but that’s what makes them funny), well, no one can complain that they can’t understand the captions on THESE kitty pictures. Children’s book author Pamela Jane has put together a website that combines cute kitty pictures with captions from Pride and Prejudice. Presenting: Purr and Petulance.

We know our Gentle Readers are waiting for the Editrix to whip out the Cluebat on this one, but…it’s actually rather amusing, and done with an obvious tongue in cheek. If it had been earnest or unfunny, it wouldn’t have worked. But this kind of rolls in its absurdity as a cat does in catnip. And c’mon–this is funny. Well, it made us LOL. Not to mention: the original catfight!

There currently is a caption contest and also you can submit your own adorable kitty pics to be captioned on the site. Janeites all have cats, right? Right. Not that we’re reinforcing the stereotypes or anything. 😉