Virtually Jane


If Pride and Prejudice were a Wii game…

Some time later, and we are all arriving by carriage at Netherfield Park for the ball. I am wearing my finest dress, and keen to meet the eligible bachelors and earn more Charm.

Dancing is simplicity itself – first, I wait to be invited to dance and accept with A (or alternatively, I can politely ask a gentlemen to dance – but I gain a point of Rudeness for being so forward). I can also curtsy politely by holding A and flicking downwards, in order to make a polite introduction of myself.

Once the dance has begun, I respond with the appropriate gesture at the appropriate point in the dance – pressing A, making a circular gesture with the remote, or a vertical flick, all as depicted on screen. Completing the dance earns me Charm – I can also “accidentally” trip other dancers by using B to earn Rudeness.

Just go read the whole thing, it’s great!

(And not so far off…we heard a rumor of a P&P game, though not for the Wii, being developed a while back.)