A shout out to crafty Janeites


There is so much Janeite creativity going on these days, we don’t know where to look.

We have been following the creation of a knitted “Jane Austen Dress” (we guess it will be a Regency-style dress, perhaps child-sized) at Panhandle Portals.

The always-Alert Baja Janeite sent us a link to an Etsy shop featuring prints and greeting cards with original drawings of 19th-century gowns along with quotations from Jane Austen. Very pretty and original!

Debbie Ritter’s Etsy shop features clothespin dolls in a variety of original designs, with a Literary Classics category that includes Jane Austen, Emma, and the Bennet sisters.

An oldie but a goodie…Baja Janeite reminded us about the Jane Austen handwriting font, created by Pia Frauss. It’s free to download for personal use (and we’ve made very good use of it here on AustenBlog).

We would also like to announce that we have recently added knotting a fringe to our list of accomplishments (Mr. Bingley would be so proud). It’s the world’s most boring craft. It’s all about the pretty shuttles and the pretty knotting bags and looking pretty while moving one’s hands gracefully. There’s only one character in Jane Austen’s novels who knots a fringe: Lady Bertram in Mansfield Park. A pretty, useless skill is right up her alley. 😉 Nonetheless, we are obsessed with making a knotting shuttle. Stay tuned for details. (And yes, we still can’t net a purse. Shut up.)