Christy Turlington: Friend of Jane


Gwyneth Paltrow sent out a newsletter (we are unclear as to the reason for this, but no matter) in which she asked several of her celebrity friends to list their favorite books, and supermodel Christy Turlington listed Pride and Prejudice among her favorites.

Coming from a family of sisters and the second-born, I always identified with Elizabeth Bennet. The plight of women and our historically limited freedoms make Austen’s spirited characters all the more intriguing and inspiring.

We salute her taste!

Madonna, thankfully, listed no Austen among her favorites.

None of Ms. Paltrow’s own favorites were written by Jane Austen. Yo, Gwyneth! What the Ferrars? No Emma? No Jane? She made your career, you ingrate! You got to smooch Jeremy Northam! Sheesh. Kids these days.

Thanks to Alert Janeite Julie T. for the link, out of which we’ve received a great deal more amusement than it probably deserves!