Tuesday Open Thread: Orthography Edition


Several Alert Janeites sent us this passing mention of a Jane Austen novel in Maureen Dowd’s weekly column in the New York Times, chiding President Obama for his occasional smackdowns of Vice-President Bates Biden:

Still, the president should brush up on his Jane Austen. When Emma Woodhouse belittles Miss Bates, an older and poorer friend, at a picnic, Mr. Knightly pulls her aside to remonstrate. “How could you be so insolent in your wit?” he chides, reminding her that it is unfeeling to humble someone less fortunate in front of others who will be guided by the way she behaves.

As the nytpicker points out, Ms. Dowd needs to check her spelling if she’s going to toss Jane quotes around.

As any Austen reader knows, the character’s name is Mr. Knightley, not Mr. Knightly.

In the next paragraph of the novel, Emma continues to insist of Miss Bates: “What is good and what is ridiculous are most unfortunately blended in her.”

Which is not a bad description of Maureen Dowd.

Ouch! Thanks to Alert Janeites Lisa and Karen L. for the link. This is an open thread, Gentle Readers. What’s new in your patch of Janeiteville?

P.S. We received some other e-mails with cool stuff but don’t have time to post today–we will get to them tonight! Promise!