23 Skidoo, Mr. Darcy


Too bad it’s over for those in the neighborhood, but the Lockerley Drama Group in Hampshire put on a stage production of a sequel of Pride and Prejudice set in the Roaring 20s! That would be the 1920s, of course, not the 1820s. 🙂

The production saw the Bennett family gathering to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of Lizzie and Darcy and the wedding of Lydia.

Jane and Bingley, Kitty and Mary and The Rev. Collins were all present in a tale involving a fiendish plot to poison Mr Bennett by Rev. Collins to get his hands on the Bennett inheritance !

All this was set to the music and songs of Cole Porter plus an homage to Abba, ably accompanied by Jill Edwards on the piano.

Sounds like fun to us! (And just in case you’re wondering about the title of this post…)