That's Uptight *Purist* Janeites, dear


Kids these days. They never get anything right.

ETA: Somebody got all butthurt and friendslocked the entry. Basically it said that the P&P & Zombies would infuriate the “Uptight Rabid Janeites” like those meanies on AustenBlog who bash her beloved P&P2005 and therefore it was a good thing, not understanding that most of those who have praised P&P&Z without even reading it are doing so because their (negative) idea of Jane Austen’s work was formed from overly romantic film adaptations such as P&P2005. And we don’t understand that it will make people read P&P! Yeah, right. All those hipsters who “hate” Jane Austen so they “love” the Zombie book will read P&P. We’re not even entirely sure they’ll read the zombie book.