Monday Ebooks: Imitation Edition


Welcome to Monday Ebooks, in which the Editrix indulges her most harmless delight in ebooks and encourages her Gentle Readers to give them a try, if they haven’t already.

Jane Austen ebooks are in the news this week, as Ars Technica reports that an app in the iTunes App Store called Classics: Jane Austen, based on the Classics app but containing the text of Jane Austen’s six main novels, used graphics and sounds taken from the Classics app, which is available using many public domain classic works besides Jane Austen’s.

Such “borrowing” is not very nice, but we are amused that the programmer used Jane Austen’s novels to start with–and really didn’t do a bad job on the covers! We think he or she must be a Janeite. But remember: stealing graphics is not What Jane Austen Would Do! The app has been pulled from the App Store.

In other ebook news, Read an Ebook Week is only two weeks away, so get your ebooks ready!