Special Edition of S&S95 for Spain


Alert Janeite Carmen let us know that a two-disc Special Edition of Sense and Sensibility 1995 (Region 2) will be available in Spain on March 17. According to Carmen, the bonus features include:

Disc 1: film, comments by E. Thompson & L. Duncan. Comments by Ang Lee and producer J. Schamus.
Disc 2: Eliminated scenes: Elinor & Edward’s kiss, Mrs Dashwood consoles Elinor. New contents for this edition: adapting Austen (adaptations of her novels), Sense of a character (choosing the cast), A very Quiet Man (Ang Lee interview), Locating the world of Sense and Sensibility (locations), Elegance and simplicity (costumes).

Carmen asks if there is something similar for the UK/US–we don’t think so; anyone?