We used to really like Elton John


Guess it’s not a hoax after all, though we won’t take it seriously till the cameras start rolling.

Not all talk was so heavy at John’s gala. The music legend’s husband, David Furnish, chatted up his next movie producing gig, Pride & Predator. “We’re taking a Jane Austen-type story and dropping in an alien from outer of space and having him go through and slash to horrific effect,” Furnish said. “We’re hoping it’s the Jane Austen film that guys will take their girlfriends to.”

Wait a minute. A “Jane Austen-type story?” Then why is “Pride and Prejudice” in the title? Sounds to us like we’ve got an imitation Jane Austen Brand™ product here. Gentle Readers, AustenBlog recommends consuming only genuine Jane Austen Brand™ products for your entertainment needs.

No one has been cast yet, but first-timer Will Clark will direct with John supervising the music. “We’re going to studios now,” Furnish said. “I want to get it up and financed.”

So it’s still in the talking-about-it phase.

Meanwhile, Cinematical has a little more on Zombies vs. Predator.

Grahame-Smith also assures us the two scripts couldn’t be more different. Zombies tries hard to mimic Austen’s style and social conventions as the “unmentionable menace” looms over England. “In theirs an alien crash lands and starts picking people off. In ours, there’s this zombie onslaught that’s been going on for years and Elizabeth Bennet has spent her whole life training to become a highly efficient killer of the undead, as has Darcy. It’s more about a love story between two headstrong independent zombie slayers”

So there you go!