Okay, let's ask the guys then


MP and novelist Ann Widdecombe expresses an opinion about Jane Austen that we found absolutely fascinating.

The rest of us might be swept of our feet by Mr Darcy and Captain Wentworth, but Ann Widdecombe is unconvinced. Discussing the writer in Jane Austen’s Regency World magazine, the MP and novelist Ann Widdecombe claims that while “Jane will be relevant for centuries to come”, “the poor darling does not understand men”, and that “she patently has no idea what makes them tick”.

We tend to disagree, and clearly so does Maggie Lane.

“Because Austen had never been present at such a scene, and so she imposed those limits on her writing,” says Lane. “Why shouldn’t we have novels seen from a female point of view? It’s rare enough I think!”

Hear hear! But we’d like to ask our gentleman readers whether they agree with Ms. Widdecombe’s statement. Guys?

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