Tuesday Open Thread: How About Them Apples Edition


Welcome to Tuesday Open Thread, in which we direct our Gentle Readers’ attention to some links that might not otherwise make the grade for a full AustenBlog post, but that we think you might find interesting nonetheless.

We really only have the one article this week, and the tie is tangential indeed. An article about baking as an antidote to worrying about the economy invokes Jane Austen in a way that surprised us not a little. Regard the caption of the photo accompanying the article:

Jane Austen said, “Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness.”

Is that an actual quote? From the letters? It sounds familiar, but it doesn’t. (We keep coming up with the sponge cake comment.) As we are too lazy to comb through the Letters to find it, perhaps one of our minions, er, Gentle Readers would be so inclined. 😉

This is an open thread, so what’s new in your patch of Janeiteville?