Tuesday Open Thread: Stimulating The Economy Edition


Welcome to the Tuesday Open Thread, in which we give our Gentle Readers the opportunity to talk about something that interests them and in which we feature links that might be of interest to Janeites but might not necessarily merit a post of their own.

The Ever-Alert Baja Janeite sent us a couple of links to goodies available for sale out there on the Intarwebs. The first is not one but two complete miniature sets of Jane Austen’s novels to be used in a dollhouse or similar Regency-themed setting. The more expensive set is incredibly real-looking!

Baja Janeite also was amused (as were we) by an apron declaring “Let’s BBQ Wickham!” We also liked the male/female division of labor apron, and not just because it’s a Henry Tilney quote.

This is an open thread, so let us know what’s going on in your patch of Janeiteville.