Tuesday Open Thread: Agony Aunt Edition


Welcome to Tuesday Open Thread, where we post items that don’t quite merit a full blog post, but we thought our Gentle Readers might find interesting nonetheless.

Michelle Kearns at the Newark Examiner picks five great film adaptations, and guess what? Two of them are adaptations of Jane Austen books from the “golden age” of adaptations (which is looking gildier all the time, ain’t it?): P&P95 and Persuasion 95.

We stumbled across a site from the Google ads in our Gmail that gave us the What the Ferrars: Ask Jane Austen. So we asked the obvious question: How does one defend oneself against a zombie onslaught? (Because Jane Austen would know that, right? Right.) It came up with a canned answer about “things will look up next month.” Well, heck, by then our brain’s eaten and we’re no good to anyone. A discreet WHOIS search revealed that the site domain was created in February of this year, so it hasn’t been around too long, and it looks mainly like a vehicle to sell DVDs and a few books (mostly DVDs, so there’s your target audience) via an Amazon affiliate. But feel free to have some fun with it.

This is an open thread, so let us know what’s going on in your patch of Janeiteville. Feel free to pimp your own projects here, too.