Welcome to Highbury


“Highbury, the large and populous village, almost amounting to a town, to which Hartfield, in spite of its separate lawn, and shrubberies, and name, did really belong…”

Your Canterbury News reports that the village of Chilham in Kent will stand in for Highbury in the upcoming BBC serialization of Emma. Preparations are going on right now for filming to begin next week.

The four day shoot starts in Chilham next week when a BBC film crew will transform several streets, the churchyard and the central square into a 19th century village.

A fountain will be constructed in the centre of the square, while roads including Taylor Hill, Church Hill and The Street will be laid with a gravel covering to hide the street markings, with all vehicles removed from the affected area.

The parish website has some photos, and there’s another photo and a bit of info at Wikipedia.

Thanks to Alert Janeites Lisa and Laurel Ann for the link!