More cast members for Emma 2009 (unconfirmed)


Alert Janeites Maria L., Franka, and Sylvia M. all left comments (which got caught in the spam filter) or sent an e-mail to let us know that a few more cast members for Emma 2009 are listed on C19: Blake Ritson as Mr. Elton, Christina Cole as Mrs. Elton, and Rupert Evans as Frank Churchill. Please note this report has not been confirmed by the BBC, but we suspect it is pretty solid.

(And as Sylvia said, “…we only should get Nicholas Farrell to be cast as Mr. Cole and we will have all three Edmund Bertrams in the same film! ;)” Hee.)

ETA: Further unconfirmed reports indicate that Laura Pyper will play Jane Fairfax and Louise Dylan will play Harriet Smith.