Tuesday Open Thread: Wednesday Edition


Welcome to Tuesday Open Thread, now with more delicious Wednesday! Last night we were too busy and tired to post even an open thread, and not much else is going on, so have it a day late. For those of you who are just here for the zombies, in our weekly open thread we highlight stories that don’t quite rate a full post but that we thought our readers might find interesting nonetheless.

Across the pond, some bright young things won the 2009 Fully Booked Trophy literature competition by answering questions about (among other books) Jane Austen’s novels. Well played, ladies and gentlemen!

This doesn’t really have anything to do with Jane Austen, but we were amused by a review of the new TV show Southlands last week on Open Salon. Take out the police procedure and insert bonnets and pigs in the kitchen, and it could have been us snarking a couple of recent films. There even are complaints about the costumes. Think anyone will call him an Uptight Cop Purist?

Something else that doesn’t have anything to do with Jane, but we think she might have approved of a certain proud gentleman getting his comeuppance for incorrectly judging a book by its cover.

And if you’re still grooving on the zombies, have a bit of old-school Austen mashup: Lizzy the Vampire Slayer. Back in the day, this story had your Editrix desperately reloading the DWG every morning checking for a new chapter. Pray note the date stamp: 1998. We Uptight Janeite Purists have been having meta fun with Jane for a long time; the rest of the world is just catching up!

Remember, this is an open thread! What’s new in your patch of Janeiteville?