Tuesday Open Thread: Mr. Darcy Is Consumed With Lust Edition


If that title doesn’t bring the fangirls running from their RSS feeds, then we’ve completely lost our touch. 😉

This week’s open thread is less random than usual, and in fact is reflective of the meta fun we weirdo Internet types have with Jane Austen and her work. We don’t think she would mind much.

Alert Janeite Kirsten sent us a link to the latest Kate Beaton comic. We’re big Beaton fans at AustenBlog World Headquarters, and would love to read her take on a P&P comic–it’s bound to be hilarious.

Alert Janeite Sion sent us a link (and Alert Janeite slw2004 posted in comments) a link to a blog with Uncomfortable Plot Summaries to many books and films, including Pride and Prejudice:

Woman with gold-digging mother nags wealthy man into marriage.

WHAT? Lizzy doesn’t nag. 😉 (But that’s why it’s uncomfortable, we suppose.)

This is an open thread–let us know what’s going on in your patch of Janeiteville.