Monday Ebooks: Twitter Edition


Welcome to Monday Ebooks, in which the Editrix indulges her most harmless delight in electronic books and all things related to them.

As a Twitterer of some months, we have been amused and bemused by the sudden infusion of Janeiteville into Twitter. (Well, why not; everyone else is getting on board now.) We have acquired some followers that we suspect might be some kind of cover for a commercial enterprise of some sort, but we were amused to see that Mr. Darcy Twitters, as does Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Collins, of all people.

But this is Monday Ebooks, not Monday Fictional Characters Who Twitter, so we would like to point out @NetherfieldPark, to whom we were directed by Alert Janeite Trai. “The Narrator” is Tweeting Pride and Prejudice, 140 characters at a time (paraphrased, not verbatim, you understand). Laurie Viera Rigler has decided to do the same with Persuasion.

Cub Reporter JulieB also has set up a Twitter account @JaneAustenQOTD that will just be a daily Jane Austen quote.

This is, of course, all just more proof that She’s Everywhere. And if you would like to try bite-sized bits of Jane Austen’s books in electronic format, may we recommend Daily Lit? They will e-mail you any of Jane Austen’s novels, one installment per day (or more often if you prefer). And DailyLit Twitters as well. Doesn’t everyone?

P.S. If you have any questions about Twitter (yes, even “what the heck is it?” or “what’s the point?”) we are delighted to entertain them in the comments.