The “big work” is done, but we’re still in cleanup mode from our big move, so posting will remain spotty for a bit. However, we wanted to pass along an interesting subject from a Gentle Reader, Natalie, who asked about a Jane Austen film she saw at Amazon. Not an adaptation, but a documentary about Jane Austen’s life and work. We realized it was a repackaged version of something Natalie had already seen, and was frustrated as she is looking for “something I would look forward to sharing and lending out to friends and converts.”

Natalie suggested we turn over the question to the Gentle Readers of AustenBlog. Does such a film about Jane Austen’s life and work exist? And the first smartypants who says “Becoming Jane” gets a Cluebat up the nose. 😉

P.S. We have received other items of interest that we haven’t had a chance to post yet–thanks for sending them, and we will get to them when we can! In the meantime, enjoy the discussion.