While we're all for entrepreneurship, we wish they would leave Jane out of it


Alert Janeite Laurel Ann sent us an article about what is plainly an escort service, though since the proprietors claim that there is absolutely, positively no sex involved and the “dates” are totally chaste, they call the agency Austen’s Janes.

Several things:

  • Why did they have to drag Jane into it?
  • Mets fans have to pay women to go to the ballpark with them?!? *falls off chair laughing*
  • “Carlos” isn’t really “Carlos.” Might his real name be “Crawford” or “Willoughby,” one wonders?
  • Being a cynical tar-hearted dried-up purist spinster Janeite, we suspect the founders’ high ideals of staying “chaste” won’t last long. They don’t call it the world’s oldest profession for nothing, you know. So leave Jane out of it, please.

In other news, the Philadelphia Phillies are STILL World Champions.