Report on Israeli P&P Series


Alert Janeite Carmen has kindly translated a report on the Israeli P&P series posted on her Spanish-language Jane Austen site.

The series has 6 chapters.

The cast
From left to right: nimrod artzi (mr. darcy), avikam gross (mr. collins), irit linur (la directora), omer ben gal (mr. bingley), alona sadeh (elizabeth), zohar (lydia creo), ora sadeh (mrs. bennet), neta sadeh (jane).

Bingley rents a “tzimer”, a beautiful house in the north for a weekend or more. That house belongs to the Bennets (called here Sadeh). Alona and Artzi (Darcy and Lizzy) start badly, she is 8 years older than him and she has a 15 years rebellious girl. Artzi is rich and he comes from Tel Aviv (people from there have pride, according to the stereotype). Lady Catherine is Artzi’s stepmother and boss of Gross (Collins) and she has a daughter. Alona is divorced and her ex seems to be a Wickham type. Neta (Jane) is also divorced.

According to my ‘poster’, she liked it, and she loves 95’s version. It’s fun and Shapira is good. The series is different from the novel, and it’s adapted to today’s Israel, and you must understand that society. Anyway, there are P&P details: Artzi’s company is called D.R.C., they use ‘fine eyes’ or ‘women’s imagination’ in the script. By the way, Shapira read the book and his character has pride but he is also shy.
The music and the photography are good.

Alert Janeite Lisa found another report on the film, including a mini-review of the Hebrew translation of P&P done by the screenwriter and a trailer (in Hebrew), by an Israeli Janeite.

We have no idea if or when it will become available elsewhere in the world or on DVD or with English or other language subtitles.