Weekend Bookblogging: They Want To Suck Your Blood Edition


We’re following up on Friday Bookblogging because a. we forgot some stuff and b. there is a lot of news on the JA paranormal front this weekend. We imagine some of our Gentle Readers scratching their head and murmuring, “JA paranormal? What?”

Alert Janeite Trai wrote to tell us that a Deluxe Edition of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies that will contain oil painting illustrations will be out later this year. Because what every horror novel needs is full color gore.

Amanda Grange, author of a popular series of author hero books, got a bit sidetracked while reading Gothics to research Henry Tilney’s Diary and ended up writing…Mr. Darcy, Vampyre, which will be out in August. (and yay for old-fashioned spelling! But he better stay away from Woodston or Henry Tilney will slay him, and that would be very very unfortunate.)

These books, of course, join Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford, in which Jane Austen is a vampire bookstore owner (the first book of a series, apparently), and The Immortal Jane Austen, in which Jane joins the vampire resistance in Bath when England is invaded by the French, also the first in a series. These books will be out in 2010.

(We’ve been entertaining correspondents with the tidbit that we once spent a great deal of time planning a Persuasion fan fiction involving then-Lieutenant Benwick and a vampire. Unfortunately it is not a parody, and even more unfortunately we fear it might have been funny nonetheless, which is why we abandoned the idea. But we really need to spend some time finishing up Henry’s Secret Diary, we think. But the larger point is that the Collective Unconscious is an interesting thing. We had this idea four or five years ago, incidentally.)