Tuesday Open Thread: Enterprising Young Persons Edition


Just in time for the upcoming holiday (in the U.S.), when many of us go away for a few days, we have a bit of news from the Jane Austen Slept Here Department. A hotel in Lyme Regis where Jane allegedly once stayed has been championed by a young fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, who also stayed there. Interestingly, the USAToday article says Jane stayed at the hotel, while the BBC article does not. Things that make you go HMMMM…..

In other news, young persons have chosen the name Knightley Court for a new block of apartments meant for low-income residents in Basingstoke, near Jane Austen’s childhood home. The contest winners were photographed looking adorable in period costume in front of the decidedly not period apartment buildings. We find ourself idly wondering if the kinder hadn’t actually thought they were voting for the girl from the pirate movies.

This is an open thread, so let us know what’s going on in your patch of Janeiteville!