That’s Aisha, Miss Kapoor if you’re nasty


Now all the articles are spelling the name of the Bollywood Emma film “Aisha,” so we guess that’s right.

Sonam Kapoor, the eponymous star of the film, has been chatting with the press.

The movie is set in Delhi with Emma Indianised as Aisha. “She’ll be Aisha Kapoor, not Emma Woodhouse,” said Sonam who confessed to be “a big Jane Austen fan”. “I’ve read all her novels. They all are so girly and tie up just perfectly in the climax,” she said.Being co-produced by her father Anil Kapoor and directed by Rajshree Ojha, the film’s shooting will start later this month. The stars, including Abhay Deol who plays Emma’s beau, will be all over the town for 45 days. “I’ll play a typical south Delhi girl with a Modern School background,” revealed Sonam. “You may see me jogging in Lodhi Garden or shopping in a mall.”

In the novel, Emma lives with her rich but eccentric father in an English village. “Ours will be a rich family with a bungalow on Aurangzeb Road but my real father won’t play my father in the film,” she said.

But why set this gossipy 19th century drawing room drama in saadi Dilli? “Because south Delhi’s high society is just like that of Jane Austen’s England,” replied Sonam, adding, “After all, Delhi girls are forever obsessed with getting the right man, right family and right wedding clothes for their marriage,” she added.

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  1. Julia

    “Girly”?? I suppose that accusation is too common to raise much indignation or even the use of the Cluebat.
    Surely it’s my fault to expect depth, satire, sense and wit in a Bollywood production or the ability to spot it of its makers.


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