Willoughby Reads Persuasion


And yes, we’re a little weirded out, but we liked it anyway. 🙂

Greg Wise reads Persuasion as the latest selection from Carte Noir. Thanks to Alert Janeites Marietta and Patty for the link!

5 thoughts on “Willoughby Reads Persuasion

  1. Maria L.

    Coffee? I need a good stiff brandy to bring me back to my senses after listening to the lovely Mr. Wise. Marianne Dashwood was absolutely right: a man who can read aloud well and with feeling has definite attractions. Lucky Emma Thompson.


  2. rae

    Thanks so much for the update. I have now bookmarked this website and will check on it on a regular basis for updates. I didn’t realize the first batch was only the beginning.

    What a lovely idea it was to have these wonderful men with super sexy voices read the best in literature. I could listen to these readings all day……………and all night, too! Give a bonus to the staffer who came up with this idea!!


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