And now, the DEFINITIVE P&P adaptation


The BBC hangs its head in shame as ITV follows its critically-acclaimed Lost in Austen with a new adaptation of Pride and Prejudice that should prove to be the definitive adaptation of the Jane Austen classic.*

*does this mean the snark is back?

9 thoughts on “And now, the DEFINITIVE P&P adaptation

  1. Allison T.

    Tee hee! Great concept (yes, the article is a joke). But if they were serious, they could use the Twitter version of P&P… tweet every 10 seconds.


  2. Deb R.

    “‘Every night,’ he promised, ‘for eight months, it’ll be like D’Arcy coming out of the lake for the first time. Except this time he’ll be clutching a Gilette razor and rubbing his smooth chin towards the camera.’”

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Totally swoon-worthy!!!!!!

    P.S. It’s a joke, people. Read some of the other article titles on the right side of the linked page. Very much like The Onion or Mad Magazine.


  3. Mags

    Oh, c’mon, guys. Wasn’t the reference to Lost in Austen a clue? I think everyone knows what I think about that one! I thought the article was hilarious and totally spot-on.


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