November wallpaper: Baby got back(ground)


The November wallpaper is available from Solitary Elegance! Taking advantage of the few fine autumn days left to us in the Northern Hemisphere, this month’s ladies have donned walking dresses (from 1814 and 1809) and are enjoying the outdoors, courtesy of an 1816 Ackermann’s Repository architecture print. This month the Arbiter Elegantarium encourages ladies “to call forth and improve these latent graces” which make all figures and sizes uniquely lovely, a sentiment which would be heartily endorsed nearly two hundred years later by the urban bard Sir Mix-A-Lot.

4 thoughts on “November wallpaper: Baby got back(ground)

  1. Mags

    It does look like a painting. Nicely done.

    AE is out of control this month. Seriously, the commentary could have been written by Jane Austen!


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